this is Eeyore (leroy) from Bella and Mick!!                             4months 
Delaney from Birmy and Garth
Bruce from Ginger and Garth 9 month 72 lbs!
This is Bernard from Birmy and Garth at 6 months, 75 lbs
Hugo...all ears! and Huge tree stump paws
Floyd from Coco and Finnigen
Dexter from Harmony/Garth
both pictures on right and left are Eric from Harmony/Garth
Farley (Casey) from Birmy and Garth 8 weeks!
This is Joshua.Gretchen's very first Basset, the year I was born 1969
Stanley from Harmony and handsome!
Bruce at 9months, Ginger/Garth Puppy
Arnold Hayhurst, his favorite position!
This is Farley (Casey) again at 4 months old
Dudley from Ginger and Garth at 7 months
Meatloaf from Harmony and Garth...all sags and ears
This is Gob (Job) keeping his ears clean!
Lily, From Bella and Mick at almost 7 months!
Fiona from Birmy and Garth....rolls of sag!
Casey from Birmy and Garth! Oh that tongue!
Both Pics are of Isabella (Flower) From my "F" litter, Birmy and Garth baby at 6 months old.  Those ears... that sag! Oh My!!
Hugo from Ginger and Garth, 75lbs Born Jan 2011
Iggy @ 7 weeks old from Ginger and Garth 2012
This is Stanley from Harmony and Garth doing water therapy!
This fabulous montage of pictures from Nancy in Sherman Oaks who is the owner of Begonia and Bernard out of Birmy and Garth.. So happy that they are spoiled rotten by their incredible owners!!
Bernard and Begonia are an amazing representation as to what we produce here at Bellingham Bassets.

This is Annie and Nellie from Carly and Garth...100% Euro. They are almost 30lbs at 15 weeks
This is a 9 week old pup from Harmony and Mick St. John, he is 23 plus pounds!
Gilbert from Bella and Mick
Bubbles from Harmony and Mick
Hendrix from Birmy and Garth.. Loooong ears!
This is Waldon From 
Bella and Mick at 5 months
A true Mahogany!
Delilah from Ginger and Garth
Gilbert again at 5 months above and 6.5 to the left
A Bella and Mick beefy boy!
This is Dexter from Bella and Mick...those eyes!
Gob at 1 year....looks just like his daddy, Garth
Basset Brothers on Hallowen!
From Harmony and Mick
The collage of three prictures are Meatloaf from Birmy and Garth
Maple from  Ginger and Garth
This is Lily from Bella and Mick, 75 lbs. 1.5 years old

Miss Molly at 6 months from 
Birmy and Garth
This is Bentley from Birmy and Garth
Born Oct 2, 2012
Sag eyes!
These two pics are of Fiona at 1 1/2 years old From 
Birmy and Garth
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Hoover from Penelope and Mick- 9 weeks
Big brown saggy Dexter from Bella and Mick
GOB at almost 2 yrs... Harmony/ Garth prodigy
Harmony/ Garth baby girl
Sir Walden Wrinkleton of Bellingham 
A Bella/ Mick creation Born Aug 11, 2012
Bubbles from Harmony and Mick
born Aug 6, 2012
Roscoe from Bella and Mick Born July 31, 2013
Watson took 2nd place in the Woodenville Basset Hound Bash! 
From Gracie and Mick born Oct 3, 2011
Arlene at 5 months old 
from Harmony and Garth born Sept 20, 2013
Willow and Emme as pups from Gracie and Mick born Feb 13, 2013
Lenny from Bella and Mick 
 born Aug 11, 2012
Maggie , Gracie and Mick puppy
 born Feb 13, 2013
Rosebud at 1 yr.  Gracie and Mick baby from Feb 13, 2013               and this is Crosby from Gracie/Mick litter also
Fiona from Birmy and Garth...she is so wrinkly!
Oliver at 2 yrs. from Ginger and Garth 2011
Myrtle and Hazel from Gracie and Mick Feb 13,  2013
The three pictures across are of Peterbilt Robles from 
Ginger and Garth born 10/10/2012
Mystic, Birmy/Garth litter born Oct 10, 2012
Jake and Elwood at 10 months Gracie/Mick litter born Feb 13, 2013
Peaches the swimming basset! (not recommended without a life vest!) Peaches is from Birmy and Garth 2011
George from Ginger and Garth 
Aug 3, 2013
Rosabella from Ginger and Garth Aug 3, 2013
Sweet Olaf, aka Rolly Poly Oly,  at 3 months from Carly and Garth 2014
A Carly/ Garth Puppy 2014
Maggie Moo and Rusty, a Birmy/Garth creation 2014
These three pictures are of Daryl and Lloyd from Harmony and Mick 2012.... both are over 100lbs!
Eloise from Ginger and Garth 2012
Lloyd and Daryl as pups
George from Ginger/Garth Oct 2012
Lily and Roscoe from Mick and Bella
Bubbles from Harmony/Mick 2012
Bently from Birmy/ Garth 2012
Arlene from Harmony and Garth 2013
Big George from Harmony and Garth Dec 2011...Paddle Boarding!
Miss Scarlett 2013
Miss scarlett and Piper from Penelope Mick Litter 2013
Piper 2013
Sea worthy boating hounds, Lily and Roscoe from 
 Bella and Mick
Below is the first offspring from Fiona from (Birmy and Garth) and Nabucco (an import from Rezihegyi Vig Domper out of Hungary!
Introducing Penny Jo who now lives in Colorado 
with Deb and Jer
Moose, from Birmy and Garth age 3 those eyes
Charlie from Ginger Garth
Sailor from Harmony and Garth
Tulip! A Leonardo and Birmy Pup.. speckles galore!
Here is a side by side of Yogi at 8 weeks (15 lbs) and to the right,
 Yogi at 15 weeks (27.5lbs)
Yogi is from Leonardo and Birmy 2014
Baylee from Ginger and Garth Born  Aug 2013
This is Bell Crisps show dog Hudson out of Winnie and Garth!  
He is headed toward his championship!