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Getting Started with DoTERRA

 We raise our Bassets as our own family members.  This is our passion and hobby, not a money making venture! We will never sell to pet stores!

Each pup comes with Full or Limited AKC registraton. They are wormed at 2, 4, and 8 weeks. They have their 1st set of shots at 6 weeks through Pfizer.  We send you home with puppy food and care suggestions, and our  2 year Health Guarantee if you keep them on Nuvet Plus supplements.

Visiting Our Home: 
        We take infection control very seriously!
Home visitations cannot happen prior to pups being 8 weeks old , this is due to infection control.  Prior to that, pups spend most of their time sleeping and nursing, thus personalities are not evident.  At 4 weeks is  when those that have placed deposits can pick their pups based on what picking order they are in. We do this through email pictures or special on sight arrangements may be possible in the front of our property.    
Our Basset Moms require mass quantities of food while nursing. They are always on Probiotics.  We also supplement with eggs, yogurt and meat.
Sometimes our nursing pups require extra nourishment if mom is having trouble with her milk supply. Thus we will hand feed with a special mixture of goats milk , yogurt and eggs.All our pups and adults are on Nuvet Plus vitamines. Our pups are always plump, healthy and happy!
Whelping Time: It is not unusual for Bassets to deliver their pups by C-Section, as was the case with our first litter. One litter had two extra surprise pups. X-ray showed 9 but our girl popped out two more stow away's!  Daisy delivered at home this time without complications.  
Basset Hound Moms require round the clock attention during the first week after whelping, as they tend to lay down on their pups. For the first week mom and the pups live in our master bedroom in the whelping box.  The second week they are moved from our bedroom to the mud room and our family takes turns checking in on the pups. Our Basset Moms tend to have large litters. We divide the litter into 2 groups, leaving half with Mom, and half snuggling together in a crate with a heating pad. This ensures all pups are getting equal chance for milk, and allows Mom to get used to managing her large litter. At around week 4 we move Mom and pups into the kennel building where their puppy condo awaits. Here they still sleep with Mom but are under heating lamps. Between 5 and 6 weeks they can go out for their maiden voyage of being wagoned to the yard where they can meet Dad and play each day outside, weather permitting.