.AKC Bellingham's Painted Birmingham and AKC Bellingham's Majestic Harmony.  Our  Champion bloodline girls who are all skin and ears! These are our European / American Basset Hound girls.  Pedigree's filled with Champions from Von Hollandheim and Von Skauton bloodlines

               Bellingham Basset Hounds of Washington and Orange County CA                    European Basset Hounds

Our 100% European Basset Hound Import from Ireland, this is IKCAKC Cailin Deas meaning beautiful girl, also known to us as Lady Coco. Coco's great great grand Sire is the famous GB Champion Bassbarr O' Sullivan who had a spectacular show career in the UK.  Coco take's after her great great grandfather in head and leg conformation.   She truly is magnificent is every way. Extremely European in structure and stature, heavy boned and thick, 2 inch legs in the front if that and loads of loose skin. A darling disposition and playful demeanor with our herd of Bassets.   
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Click here for Coco's pedigree aka as "Cailin Deas"
Click here for Birmingham and Harmony's pedigree
Bellingham's Bella Boo of the Ball 1/2 European 1/2 American
Birmy and Harmony at 19 weeks and 35 lbs!
Birmy at 2 yrs
78 lbs!
Bellingham's Ginger Rogers
Here we have Ginger, our red and white American Basset from CH Branscombe / Elysian Bloodlines, shown with Garth our 100% European Basset big behemoth! They absolutely love each other. Ginger is very correct in the front and rear and has a straight topline and straight short legs. These two have made beautiful red and white, tri's and lemon pups!
Gracie Bray of Bellingham 100% European Basset Hound
Gracie came to us thanks to Carolyn at Slow Low Rider Bassets! Gracie is the litter mate to Garth our fabulous huge stud. Gracie's bloodlines boast Champions from Moravia Bray in the Czech Republic. Gracie has gorgeous markings and  excellent confirmation. Very straight short legs and a beautiful top line. We love her disposition, loyal and adoring! Gracie will be bred to Mick and we are expecting fabulous show and pet quality pups from these two!
Bella is all loose rolls of skin, deep saggy eyes and long velvet ears.  She has a very personable friendly disposition. Bella is a broad chested and short legged wonder girl. She is absolutely hilarious to watch run, as she hops like a bunny and waddles like a walrus. She is such a love and we are thankful to have her as part of our family of Bassets. Bella comes from a long line of European Champions from Hermelin (Czech Republic), Domink,  and Hollanheim Kennels, which boast some of the best bloodlines in Europe. 
 She also has fabulous American Champion bloodlines from Gatesville, Chasen and Soque.
Bella came from Smokey Mtn Bassets in Tennessee, we can't thank Kelly enough for her!
Bella will be bred to Mick our 1/4 Euro stud this Spring.
I love my Bella Girl!
Gracie and Bella hunting rabbits
Our next Generation: Harper Bray of Bellingham
Harper is just 5 months old is this shot.  Harper has both Leonardo and Garth is her family Tree. Mother is Hungarian and Czech. Harper will be part of our future breeding stock. Beautifully structured, stocky and correct. Jovial and loving personality.
Mick and Ginger
Ginger and Bella
Garth and Gracie are sister and brother
Tokel's Carly's Glory of Bellingham 100% European Basset Hound
Carly is our beautiful lemon bomb shell, who came to us from my dear friend Kelly Zackman at Smokey Mtn. Bassets. We are honored to have the opportunity to add Carlys outstanding bloodlines to our breeding program. Carly comes from a long line of Champion European Bassets from Swede Sun's Kennel in Sweden.  Carly is our only lemon basset, which makes her special. She has the shortest legs of our bunch and has loads of loose rolls of extra skin. Carly's temperament is so playful and loving. She does not possess any timidity or aggression. Carly is an outstanding example of what a European Basset should be in temperament and confirmation. 
This is Carly's Mom Swede Sun's Ramona
courtesy of Smokey Mtn Bassets
This is Carly's Dad Swede Sun's Sveene
Courtesy of Smokey Mtn Bassets
Bellingham's Tellulah Vig Domper