Bellingham Basset Hounds of Washington and 
Orange County Basset Hounds of California
European Basset Hounds
                      The Boys
Hank the Tank
 He is our mighty Tri colored hound. Long leathery ears and droopy eyes. The ladies swoon over him. Regal, long and lean. Hank has an exceptionally silky coat.  Hank is offically retired but you can see him in the movie "The Smurfs "
Hank plays Elway, ans we are so proud of his marvelous acting ability!
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Mick's pedigree is packed full of Champions.
Dover's sire(Mick's Dad) comes from CH Branscombe Earthound Wellsey,TD. Dover has 44 Champions on his fathers side.
Dover's Dam comes from CH Elysian bloodlines. Dover has 36 champions in 5 generations on his mothers side. Mick's Dam, Tokel's Atlanta Jean, has European basset hound Champions as far back as it can go. Bloodlines boast from Queen's Hermelin, Dominik, and Von Hollandheim. Just on Mick's mothers side their are 21 Champions in 5 generations.
Garth is our 100% European Basset Hound. Oh what a hunk of burning love too! Garths bloodlines come from an impressive line of Champions from Moravia Bray in the Czech Republic . He is a huge thick bodied boy with massive paws and very short, thick and wrinkled legs. He weighs in at 95 lbs at 3 1/2 yrs.  What a loving and mild tempered boy he is- such a big baby and a cuddler. Garth has gorgeous red and white patches, a huge head with nice dome and thick rolls of loose skin. Garth is not an alpha. He plays with all the males!
Here we have Garth as a puppy. He has massive thick legs, yet they are short and stubby, just how we basset hound lovers like it!

His droopy sad looks and his jovial happy personality just makes us laugh!
Mick St. John 1/4 European 3/4 American Basset Hound
 This is Dover's son Mick St. John who weighs in at 104 lbs! Mick is our new stud who boasts 1/4 Champion European Bloodlines and 3/4 Champion American Bloodlines. Mick is a phenomenal representation  of a well bred Basset Hound. He is so short to the ground with his thick stumps for legs. Mick is just a huge teddy alpha male in him what so ever! We adore Mick and are proud to reproduce such an improvement to the Basset Hound breed.
For Garth's pedigree go to Pedigree's page and follow link
Hank, honorable mention (retired family doggy)
  Check out our blog with Hanks Smurf videos!

Ever seen a Basset Hound running? Its Hilarious! All their rolls fly up and the ears flap into their mouths...eye folds fly backward etc...filming them is even more funny..LOL

Bassets are all about character!
Mick's pedigree is coming soon... you can find it on the pedigree page.
Here we have fun family photos: Gracie, Birmingham, Ginger and our clown, Garth on his back.
Lounging on the day bed: Mick, Penelope,Garth, Gracie, Cracker and Harmony.
My Beautiful Bella, she loves being on the trampoline....
Play video to see Garth and Mick play with some of our girls!
Our big studs Garth and Mick
Here are two sneak peeks at our future Generation of European bassets! Introducing
 Leonardo Moravia Bray and Delilah from our own Bella and Mick. They are 5 months old in these videos.
Yes we are corny, but we love our Dogs!
Leonardo is now 18 months old in this head shot. He has sired 5 litters in 2014 already!
We will see what 2015 holds for him!

Mick and 
Leonardo our Studs!
Leo at 5 months