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Kuranda beds are greatest and most Great Dane breeders use them. I highly recommend starting the puppies when they are young, cover them with a fleece bed in the winter, danes like fluff - and in the summer when hot you do not need anything on them. They make a great outside porch bed too or take it to the boarding kennel you use, so they are up off the concrete. Kuranda Bed are the best! Make the investment, it not only last a lifetime, it will save you so much money from having to purchase new dog beds all of the time. Here are the reasons you should get one. They are a"Chewproof" designs for kennels, shelters and chewing puppies. Soft, off the floor comfort that lasts for years. Easy to clean and deodorize and replacement parts, if needed are available.

For Fleece beds, I like the ones Kuranda makes and they also make some to go into the dane crate. So you can get one to go on top of the industrial strength bed as well as for their crate.
They are substantial enough the dogs are very comfortable. Be sure to never use carpet for bedding or crates, they are attracted to the glue and a continuous loop carpet, if the eat it, it can cause their bowls to strangle. No cedar, pine bedding it causes skin irratations.. Some of my fleecy beds are 10 years old, and they wash up great in the washer.

Use no detergent, Carpet Fresh, Lysol, fabric softener or anything that is a pine derivative when cleaning your bedding . You are asking for contact allergies and respiratory problems. Wash bedding in a mild solution of bleach, it will dissipate when dry, leaving no residue.

Use a 2% solution of OxE-Drops for cleaning crates (1 teaspoon + 1 cup water)
Use only dog shampoo due to the pH of the dogs coat, nothing else for a bath.

PLAYTIME - do not play tug of war games, no chasing games or wrestling on the floor games with your dog.

These are all dominance games that will only encourage the dog to challenge you at some point in their development. Use common sense, do not act like a dog when playing with your dog, act like the human who is the leader of the pack. No rowdy behavior is allowed in the house, that is for outside with games of chasing after a stick or a ball.

DO NOT LET YOUR DANE JUMP UP AND PUT THEIR FEET ON YOUR SHOULDERS! Some people think this is cute, experienced Dane owners realize this is terribly damaging to the fragile joints of a dog and can cause permanent orthopedic damage. The surgery costs for repair are enough that you will have to get a second mortgage on your home.

if you allow them to jump, then the next person they try this with could be an elderly person or a child, and that could result in someone getting hurt. Plan on an additional million dollar insurance rider on your policy, if you do not train your puppy to be a good citizen. I always require puppy obedience classes for my puppy buyers.


No pig ears, cow hooves, raw hide of any kind, string toys, booda bones or cooked bones or Greenies -and absolutely no tennis balls. These are all things that can kill you dog.

Why No Rawhide?
First, the majority are processed with lye, something your dog does not need in his/her stomach. Also, they are not digestible and can lay in the stomach or intestines and not pass through, causing an obstruction or causing pathogenic bacteria to grow which equals BLOAT. We do not need to encourage bad bacteria in animals that are prone to bloat and gastric torsion. They are also a very serious choking hazard. So to be on the safe side, for nutritional and safety reasons, I will suggest something other than rawhide chewies.
Why No pig ears/snouts/cow snouts and cow hooves?
There are two reasons for not using these, Salmonella (bad bacteria) and the fact that the ears/snouts will splinter and can puncture an intestine and the same is for the cow hooves. Frequently, vets are removing them because they cause an obstruction.

NO - and I mean NO Greenies!! These things have killed dogs due to choking and they are full of gluten which causes dogs to have major skin problems and allergies.
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The links and info below is from  www.greatdanelady.com which I highly respect. We had great danes for 20 years.  Since moving to WA. from CA we switched our breed of choice to European Bassets!  But all the info below still absolutely applies to our bassets.  We hope you will take this information and be greatly blessed by it!
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All my bassets are on Bac Pac Plus. Its a pancreatic enzyme supplement for optimum digestive health.  You need to read this web site if you have any health issue with your basset, especially digestive or skin issues!!!!
All our Basset Puppies and Basset Adults are on Nuvet Plus and adults are also on Nuvet Joint DS