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Bellingham's Ginger Roger's Pedigree 100% American Basset Hound
Gatesville Kudzu He Grows On You
Windy Knoll's Lollipop
CH Twogates N Chasen
Soque Mojo
Gatesville Prima Dona
Chasen's Indian Outlaw
Soque's Dancing In The Sand
CH Branscombe Earthound Wellsey TD
Kelso's Country Katie
Kay's Luke
Country's Oz Rebecca
CH Elysian Nodding Onion
CH Country's Copper Penny
FC Branscombe Pavarotti TD, SHH
Branscombe Dancer CD
CH Chasen N Gatesville Teddy Bear
CH Tailgate Yvette
CH Trumbull's Pe We Spunkmeyer
Soque's Design by George
Country's Ozzie
Country's Rhu Ebony
CH Chasen's It's Only Make Believe
Gatesville Two Timing Dolly
CH Tailgate Black Bart
CH Tailgate Sydney
CH Musicland's Spike Jones
CH Briar Patch's Blaze of Glory
CH Soque's By George O'Wonderland
Tokare's Bonny Bonny
Gatesville So Lo N Long Traveler
Gatesville Diamond N The Ruff
CH Gatesville So Lo N Long
Shalaza's Quick Stepper
Ch Gatesville So Lo N Long
Bone A Part's M's Sunny Delight
Harris So Long Shorty
Harris Cher-O-Key Toofer
CH Bone A Part's Dandy Line
CH Bone A Part's Hat Trix Scotts-Moore
CH Bone A Part's Motion Lotion
CH Bone A Part's Fan's Domino
CH Elchichon's I'm a Ghost Buster
CH Bone A Part's Ms. Trixie Delight
CH Hiflite Briarcrest Extra Man
CH Elysian Gloriosa
CH Beartooth Ozzie
CH Country's Copper Penny
CH Elysian Rhu Barbarian
Country's Lenny Penny
CAN/AM CH Beartooth Victor
Annie Bea
CH Hiflite Briarcrest Extra Man ROM
CH Elysian Gloriosa
CH Thompson's Lenny Jack Too
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